Rinjin Video is a full service video production team with ties to Boston, MA & Austin, TX

We are Ryan Dight and Jane Urban, two graduates of Massachusetts College of Art and Design that been working together since 2012. With a diverse background in production experience and a long expanding list of trusted collaborators, we pride ourselves in our ability to closely work alongside clients from start to finish. Our specialties are documentation, music videos, and promotional content for small businesses.

Jane Urban

Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Colorist 

Jane's personal work often focuses on 16mm portraiture pieces, and she likes to bring these cinematic elements into her professional work as well. Her passion for film runs deep - she’s carried a camera around with her since the age of ten, traveled across America shooting a documentary, and is currently juggling more projects than she has toes. Jane is a positive energy who will always bring a new creative approach to the project at hand. When she's not shooting or editing, she's pursuing her dog-sitting business or biking all over Boston.

Ryan Dight

Creative Director, Producer, Editor & VFX Artist 

Ryan views video as the one truly limitless art-form. This perception of the medium has inspired him to lead a variety of productions, all varying in scale and budget. He specializes in implementing unique digital and analog visual effects while maintaining a tasteful awareness of the original footage. A master of all things technical, he has a knack for troubleshooting any issues that arise throughout production - always discovering non traditional solutions to complex problems. When he's not taking apart 80s video processors, he can be found reading comic books under trees in parks.